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A collection of treasures... our small ship cruises feature cultural journeys and expeditionary cruises that explore the world's most intriguing ports of call, with exclusive travel experiences ashore that take you the heart and soul of the world's most amazing destinations.

Tauck Small Ship Cruising
Dubrovnik Croatia

Welcome to Small Ship Cruising

Come aboard our small ship cruises and immerse yourself in a voyage of discovery unlike any other. Experience uncommon access that gets right to the heart and soul of a destination... sail to some of the world's most beautiful ports of call as you seek out hidden harbors and island getaways where big ships don't go... and delight in moments both at sea and ashore as you experience rich cultures and indescribable exotic lands.

Small ship Cultural Journeys are a gateway to a collection of treasures...

Culturally inspired cruising fuels the imagination...

Cultural journeys aboard our small ship cruises evoke golden sand beaches, vineyards bucolic with lemon trees, olives and vines, lavender fields fragrant from afar, limestone caves and rocky mounts, sculpted in time... Past is present in architectural artistry, fortified towns and terra cotta tableaus that play out in palaces and promenades steeped in history... in places immortalized with nature's colorful brush, where masterfully crafted wines were made to sip and savor, traditions toasted and tales fondly shared... where you become part of the stories, past and present, that make your cruise memories last lifetimes.

Expeditionary Cruises: Exhilarating adventures in unseen worlds...

Expeditionary cruises to exotic locations, from the sea to the shore...

The first maritime expeditions date back millennia when explorers in dugout canoes and sailing boats plied the seas to untraveled destinations. While the expeditionary ships you’ll sail aboard with Tauck are modern in every way, the remote ports where you will cast anchor are timeless still. Imagine setting foot on an equatorial beach teeming with wildlife found nowhere else in the world. Or navigating ice floes to stand on the ethereal seventh continent. Or transiting the Panama Canal by day. Come aboard our expeditionary cruises and get ready to check off bucket list experiences other travelers only dream of.

Come Meet Your Planet on Earth Journeys, created by Tauck and BBC Earth...

Amazing natural history travel experiences: Hallmarks of our Earth Journeys cruises...

We’ve spent years working closely with BBC Earth natural history experts developing Earth Journeys, reflecting Tauck’s commitment to offer you original content that appeals to your adventurous spirit... intellectual inquisitiveness... yearning for something special... and love of nature. On Earth Journeys cruises you’ll experience amazing stories told by BBC Earth, nature’s premier storyteller, firsthand, in new and innovative ways – including compelling film vignettes exclusively produced for Tauck by BBC Earth experts in the same traditional style of their award-winning documentaries... stories, reflections and insights filled with humor and heart...


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Chart a course for adventure aboard an expeditionary cruise and discover the windswept landscapes of the Shetland and Orkney archipelagos, the wildlife of Spitsbergen, up-close Alaska, and the jewels of the Adriatic Coast. Experience the freedom of traveling by sea and the excitement of anchoring in hidden harbors where larger cruise ships and crowds are few and far between.

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Call us, or call your travel advisor, to book your preferred departure date today – and explore our beautiful brochures to find your inspiration for your next journey.

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