Supporting A Thriving World

Tauck Impact

For over five decades, we have been committed to making a positive impact – environmentally, socially and economically – in the places we travel to. Tauck has invested in more than 80 national parks, monuments and destinations the world over to better protect our planet – and preserve natural, historical and cultural destinations for generations to come. Destination grants include Mesa Verde, Grand Teton National Park Foundation, Civil War Trust, National Civil Rights Museum, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Jasper National Park, and Friends of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Our itineraries are woven into the very fabric of places where we travel, and we partner with many family-owned businesses and businesses of all kinds, from very small to large, creating jobs and improving the economic health and vitality of destinations. Traveling with a light "footprint" is enabled by smaller groups and lower guest-to-guide ratios, and we are mindful about how we travel to ensure we make a positive impact.

People, Places and Planet – the focus of our commitment to create a thriving world.



We are committed to providing authentic local experiences that enable educational opportunities for our guests to connect more deeply in the destinations they're visiting, as well as providing an economic benefit to the communities we visit, worldwide.


We are committed to the cultural and historical preservation of the destinations we visit, to help to ensure the past is present for the future – and to help to foster understanding in an interconnected world 


By traveling responsibly, and in partnership with our global suppliers, we continually search for – and identify – opportunities to reduce our environmental impact worldwide, such as our small group experiences.

Volunteerism, a Tauck Tradition

Impact history

Going hand-in-hand with destination grants is our commitment to encourage and actively participate in volunteerism. Our commitment to destination preservation can be traced back to Arthur Tauck Jr's quiet donation to preserve the bell tower of the old North Church in Boston – a landmark visited by Tauck's very first guests in 1925 and countless thousands hence. 


 These efforts include Tauck's on-tour national park guest volunteer program that won a
"Preserve America" presidential award. Additionally, hundreds of Tauck employees
have participated in annual volunteer days in places like Valley Forge, Harper's Ferry,
The Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ellis island, Gettysburg National Military Park and more.