Updated October 21, 2020

Traveling with Peace of Mind

Our commitment never wavers – to earn your trust by always doing the right thing. As we explore the world together again, this will be more important than ever as we adapt to living and traveling in the presence of COVID-19.

Tauck is 95-years young this year, and our ability to weather many storms over the decades is a result of our values and beliefs – as a family and as a family-owned and led company. In addition to the guiding light of these values, our extensive experience, local knowledge and global support network help to ensure your safety on every Tauck journey. Building upon our bedrock of award-winning guest care, we have worked tirelessly to prepare for your return following the COVID-19 hiatus in travel. With guidance from leading experts, including the CDC and WHO, together with our internal Global Response Team and, most importantly, with feedback from thousands of our guests, we have redefined how we will conduct our experiences as we resume travel.

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Global Response

Tauck is Prepared for the Unexpected

For decades, Tauck has operated in over 70 countries in all 7 continents. Over this time, our staff and network of supplier partners have always been there to support our guests and team on the road. Our guests travel with a comprehensive, built-in support system that starts with the care and local knowledge of our Tauck Directors and extends to our network of partners around the world, including hoteliers and transportation companies.

At the core of our ability to quickly and effectively respond to the unexpected is our Global Response Team - a group of over 50 employees across all departments who stand ready to spring into action around the world. This team has plenty of experience, from weather events, high and low water on rivers, earthquakes, volcanic ash, civil unrest and work stoppages. They have also dealt with past virus outbreaks including the SARS and Zika viruses.

Tauck Covid-19 Protocols

The Tauck Travel Well Pledge

Before we operate tours and cruises, all Tauck employees, our supplier partners and our guests will take Tauck’s Travel Well Pledge, which can be viewed here.

As a company, we will follow our enhanced protocols with diligence and rigor; review them frequently as the landscape changes and always make common-sense decisions grounded in purpose and pride. We embrace these new and necessary measures to combat COVID-19 and will do our very best to provide the Tauck care we have been honored to deliver for 95 years.




Consistent with our commitment to the well-being of our guests, we are implementing enhanced health and safety protocols. These protocols may vary by geographic regions and will certainly evolve over time, as science and society respond to new realities:

Working with our partners

We have been working diligently with our partners to be prepared to welcome you back when the time is right.

Tauck has worked meticulously with our global supplier partners to plan for every itinerary following the hiatus in travel.  All partners, whether they be a hotel, museum, small ship/riverboat, restaurant or other partner, have been thoughtful about how to provide a Tauck experience in this environment.

And while it's impossible to list all of the enhanced health and safety protocols for the hundreds of Tauck partners across the globe, we would like to share a representative sample of what you can expect:


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Small Ships and Riverboats

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Sightseeing and Local Activities

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On-Tour Transportation

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Partner & Industry Protocols

Our Supplier Partners are ready for you

Tauck is proud to have worked closely with our partners around the world, many of them for decades, to deliver the quality, comfort and safety you expect. Whether it be hotels and resorts, riverboats and small ships, restaurants, event venues or transportation companies, their meticulous health and safety protocols reflect their leadership and well-earned respect in the travel industry. The following are some select health and safety protocols. We will update these on a regular basis.

In addition to our supplier partners, we have also been actively engaged with global travel organizations to standardize health and safety protocols throughout the travel industry. TourCare is one example:



TourCare are health and sanitation guidelines developed by the tour industry's major global associations: the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), The Canadian Association of Tour Operators (CATO) and the European Tourism Association (ETOA).  Tauck, and our supplier partners, meet and exceed these guidelines that require members to adhere to the highest standards in the industry. The guidelines can be downloaded here.

Airline Safety Protocols

Air Travel

Understandably, a lot of guests have questions about flying to and from their Tauck journey. This page will tell you what to expect when flying, how to stay safe, provide links to major airline health and safety protocols, and explains the benefits of making your air reservations through Tauck. 

Travel Updates

Keeping You Informed

Travel updates will keep you informed and up-to-date on our travel policies, including amendments if necessary

Travel Policy Updates For Our Guests

October 21, 2020 - Travel Policy Update for Our Guests

Our passion for exploring our world is as strong as ever, and we remain committed to providing you with truly life-enhancing travel experiences. During our 95 years, we have successfully navigated events ranging from World War II and the Great Depression to 9/11 and SARS, and we know our experience, stability and rock-solid foundation will see us through this current challenge, just as they have in the past. We have earned our guests’ trust, and your travel dreams are safe with Tauck.

Still, we recognize the need to pause. Due to continued uncertainty about our ability to deliver the level of experience you expect from Tauck, and consistent with the latest guidance from the U.S. State Department, we’ve decided to cancel all land tours and cruises with departure dates through December 31, 2020.

Please do not call Tauck at this time. If you are scheduled to travel with us on a cancelled journey, Tauck or your travel advisor will be calling you to discuss your options. We will be making calls in chronological order, reaching out to those guests scheduled to travel soonest, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through these calls.

Thank you for choosing Tauck for your travel plans. Despite the present challenges, we know that brighter days lie ahead, and that our past learnings and robust fundamentals today ensure we’ll be here for you tomorrow. We look forward to exploring the world together soon, and in the meantime, we invite you to click here for a special message from Tauck CEO Dan Mahar.

For travel scheduled for January 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021*

  • Final payment for all 2020 Tauck land tours and cruises is now due 45 days prior to departure, instead of our standard final payment terms. We have extended this date to enable you to make the best personal decision with regard to your planned trip as close to your scheduled departure date as possible.
  • All cancellation penalties will be frozen at the current tier and will not increase prior to final payment. Under the terms of our standard cancellation policy, guests incur cancellation penalties based on tiered time periods, with fees increasing as the departure date draws near. Under our amended policy, cancellation fees will remain frozen at the tier that currently applies to your scheduled departure and will not increase prior to the 45-day final payment date. By freezing cancellation penalties, if you purchased Guest or Cruise Protection and cancel your trip before your final payment is due, the cost of the Guest or Cruise Protection fee is Dreamsaved. If you did not purchase Guest or Cruise Protection, the cost of your deposit will be Dreamsaved. In either case Dreamsaved funds are available for you to use for future travel*.
  • If you cancel your booking within 45 days of departure: to offer additional peace of mind, Tauck has now lowered penalties for cancellation to the most lenient tier inside of final payment as referenced in the grid below. Any penalties assessed will be placed into a Dreamsaver account along with your protection plan premiums*. Normally, those cancellation penalties (and Protection plan fees) would be completely forfeited.
  Guests without Cruise / Guest Protection Product
Time to Departure 46 Days or More 45-1 Days
$1100 AUD 50% of Fare
Small Ship Cruising
$1700 - $2100 AUD 50% of Fare
USA & Canada Land
$450 - $650 AUD 25% of Fare
Manitoba: Polar Bear Adventure
$875 AUD 25% of Fare
Europe Land
$750 AUD 25% of Fare
Africa, Asia, South America
$450 - $1250 AUD 25% of Fare

* Dreamsaver funds are non-refundable and must be redeemed toward travel to be completed by 12/31/2021.  Dreamsaver funds can be applied to any Tauck purchase.

For travel scheduled in April 2021 and beyond

If you are scheduled to travel with Tauck in April 2021 or beyond: At present, all of Tauck's standard policies apply for our land tours and cruises. Should our plans or policies change, we will notify you promptly. We understand that you may have questions, and we are doing our best to provide timely responses to all guests. However, please know that our short-term priority is servicing guests whose Tauck journeys have been cancelled, and those guests whose departure dates are closest in. Your patience and understanding are sincerely appreciated.